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An ideal husband

An ideal husband


London, 1890. Sir Robert Chiltern is a politician in great rise with a future diamond. He is also perfect nobleman and a charming husband for the wife, beautiful Lady Chilten. The ideal climate is interrupted from the arrival of mrs. Cheveley, woman feared in all the drawing-room. She, that it would want to conquer the favors of sir Robert, threat to reveal some dark and dangerous secrets of its last life. To the unexpected Robert it is felt rung and it fallen in the fear. Of forehead to the possibility to see family and career ruined, Robert address to the friend lord Arthur Goring, philanderer and convinced bachelor. Arthur tries with the fascination and the elegance of the own ways to render the situation clearer, than instead entangle ulteriorly. Between many conventions, meeting, talks its look is more and more often met with Mable, sister of Robert and it does not remain indifferent. Of other part also its father is taken care and pushes because his son finds a wife. Misunderstandings not to end are interlaced, and complicate the couples. Finally mrs. Cheveley comes induced to silence, Robert and his wife Gertrud reconcile, and Arthur asks Mable to marry it. Robert says not, but Gertrud takes part to put peace and to invite all to applaud that wedding, which of it others will follow many. Because also Arthur has shown, at the end, an ideal husband.


Once Oscar Wilde wrote:
"the ideal husband does not exist. The ideal husband remains single."
Oscar Wilde

Speaking sincerely I haven’t succeeded to understand the weft and the sense of this film well however, creed that the ideal husband does not exist.

Just as Oscar Wilde in one of its works said, the ideal husband cannot exist, also why the man endured after the wedding loses its perfection and heads in along full way of changes that will carry it to the imperfection and the intolerance.

The film, instead, is stopped on the meaning of the "ideal husband", but in my point of view doesn’t approach neither a little. The ideal husband is a man without feelings, incapable to try hatred, envies, jealousy, but also love, gentleness and sadness.

In other words therefore it is useless that we strain ourselves to search a man that we will not never find; it’s best to please themselves, and try to find sides positive also where they are not looked at, and above all try some time not to be same we, but to try to watch to us with eyes of the others, in order to discover therefore that not only the other persons possess of the defects.