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Charlotte and Emily Bronte

Charlotte and Emily Bronte

Charlotte and Emily Bronte were born in the small village of Haworth on the Yorkshire moors. They lived with their father, their mother, three sisters and one brother.

They didn’t receive a formal education, apart from some periods at school. They reading always in the father’s library, and drawing inspiration from the local public library or from periodicals. They were avid readers of Shakespeare, the Romantic writers and the Bible.When they were older, Charlotte and Emily, got a job as governess in private families. In 1846 the sisters published a selection of their “Poems”, under the male pen names, because, at the time, the people weren’t interested in book written by a women).

Short time later the sisters published a novel: Emily wrote “Wuthering Heights”, Charlotte “Jane Eyre” and Anne “Agnes Grey”.
Charlotte's novel, “Jane Eyre” was immediately successful, while Emily’s novel declared a masterpiece only after her death.
Between September 1848 and May 1849 Emily and Anne Bronte died of consumption.

Charlotte instead, travelled around England, and married Reverend Arthur Nichols. She died in 1855 probably of an illness due to pregnancy.